Easy-to-Run Employee Engagement Campaigns

Actionable, impactful campaigns you can run in person as well as with remote or work from home teams

  • Easy & fast onboarding. Simple to setup and admin your company’s campaigns

  • Activate employees all over the world together through the Litterati app. Remote + Work From Home Friendly. 

Virtually Connect Your Team & Track Your Company’s Impact

Use the Litterati app (iOS + Android) to empower your employees to help clean-up the planet. Measure and demonstrate your company’s impact on the Web Dashboard as an Impact Admin of the account.


Collaboratively Compete to Help Clean The Planet

Run competitions between offices, departments & countries to engage all your employees worldwide.

Simplicity & Speed

Quick, easy, and fast onboarding. Schedule and create campaigns with a handful of taps when logged in as an Impact Admin for your company in the app. 

An Authentic and Measurable CSR Program

Collaborate to reach a company wide impact goal and inspire your employees towards more sustainable practices. 

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Litterati Corporate Partners

Digital Collaboration

Especially now with increased working from home, Litterati campaigns can be an effective remote, socially distanced employee engagement campaign.

A Truly Global Solution

The Litterati app is available in 12 different major languages & have more planned to add in 2021.

World Class Support To Maximize Campaign Success

We have resources to help you solve problems instantly & it is easy to email or book a time with a support team member to help with custom requests.



Measurable Data Platform

Quantify your impact as an organization & allow your employees to collaboratively compete. See your company represented all over your country, region, or even the entire Earth!


Frequently Asked Questions

We have offices all over the world. How many campaigns can we run?

For the length of the agreement, you can run an unlimited number of campaigns with an unlimited number of participants. You’ll also have multiple admins to coordinate campaigns for different offices or regions.

Do you have a setup cost?

There is no setup cost. The quoted price for your desired scope of campaign(s) is what you pay. Unless and until you desire a greater scope, there won’t be any further fees or charges.

How much support do you provide?

You will have a dedicated success manager to help you set up your campaign & will provide strategic advice for running an effective program. In addition, we also have dedicated support staff for any technical or general support issues you or your employees run into.

Do you offer different license options?

We do offer National and International licenses depending on the geographical scope of your project.

All our licenses are annual, except for the multinational that can be purchased for 3 months. As needed, we can extend or upgrade your license.

Stories of Companies Who Used Litterati to Run an Employee Engagement Campaign:

Why Employee Engagement With Litterati?


(1) Connect employees together from all over the world. Run actionable employee engagement campaigns that can be run in person & done remote or work from home.

(2) Run competitions within and/or between your offices, teams, or divisions

(3) Quick, simple to set up & low maintenance to run campaigns

(4) Promote CSR and sustainable behavior through the entire organization


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