Litterati REP and MAP Can Help Your City Meet MS4 Permit Requirements

  • REP can support your Education, Partnerships, and Reporting requirements

  • MAP can support your Assessment, Goals, and ROI requirements

  • Together both REP and MAP can satisfy all the above MS4 requirements

Litterati City Partners


  Litterati REP for MS4



Educate your residents on the ways to prevent litter in your waterways while collecting data on their actions to reinforce anti-littering behavior.



Use our sub-account function to build your network of partnerships to find success and satisfy EPA Section 319 Requirements



Define your goals, package your messaging and use Litterati’s tools to evaluate + quantify the people you reached, and the litter collected.


Litterati MAP for MS4




Analyze your current programs and services to evaluate their success and determine the need for long-term planning.



Use Litterati data to further define and refine your goals to clean your waterways and improve your MS4 reporting on these goals.



The Litterati dashboard and integrated data sets can determine the ROI of the long term planning and future funding needs.


Lockdown on Litter

Use a true community solution to help with litter abatement and beginning to capture data on your city’s litter. 

Scalable Data Platform

The More Data Collected, The More Powerful & Valuable It Becomes 

Strengthened Community Relationships

Help your people and your community organizations make a bigger impact by equipping them with a platform & tools. 

All The Support You Need

For all size goals, available staff, or budget; Litterati has quality success & support resources to help you.

 See if The Resident Engagement Platform or Municipal Assessment Program is a Good Fit For Your City:

Ways to Use The REP Platform

Connect All Your People Together

  • Schools
  • NGOs & Businesses
  • Dedicated Residents
  • Build a Community Full of REPs!

Engage & Communicate

  • Send emails to resident users who opt in to communication
  • Send messages to residents in the app (COMING Q4 2020)

Gather Informal Data

  • More Litter Data in your city. Anyone can use for public benefit.
  • Demonstrate progress, impact, & dedication by city and its residents

Learn How San Francisco Successfully Defended a $4 Million Per Year Tax On The Tobacco Industry

Download a free PDF with the whole story (plus two other Litterati City case studies!)  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer different length agreements?

On a case by case basis, yes we occasionally do reach short term agreements as well as multi-year agreements with city partners.

Do you have a setup cost?

Absolutely not. All plans are set up so you pay what you are quoted. Payment terms are negotiable but typically bill yearly on Net 30 terms from the date of agreement. 

How much support do you provide? 

We have dedicated support staff for technical & general support. We respond to all requests within 2 – 3 business days & have live chat available during portions of the day. We also offer custom support & success services for a fee

Do you offer a free trial? 

Currently we do not.

If you book a demo, we will give you a free report of litter picked up in your city though!