Using Litterati for
Employee Engagement


Sign Up

Litterati will create your company profile within 48 hours of completed sign up.


Create Your Challenge

Choose between Local, National or Global. Every Challenge can be configured to be Public or Private.


Share Your Campaign Code With Employees

Use codes to easily onboard employees to your Challenge & to be able to track participation and activity from your various offices, departments, or other.


Activate Employees

Litterati makes it easy for employees to join and get started as an active participant for your company's challenge.


Track & Visualize Your Company’s Impact Through Your Dashboard

You will have access to a web Dashboard that shows a participant leaderboard as well as maps & charts of the total impact made by the company through your Challenges.

You can also download CSV data reports from the Dashboard.


Celebrate & Recognize Participants For The Impact They Made!

Provide recognition for the individuals, departments, or offices that answered the challenge & participated in the company's Challenge.