Litter Data Has Already Been Collected In Your City


Visit our Open Data Portal to Download Your City’s Report!

         (1) Click the button below

         (2) Enter the name of your city or a zip code in your city under the ‘Generate Report’ section. 
               You are not required to fill out any other field beyond that one if you don’t want to.

         (3) Generate your city’s report, see your city’s litter map, & download a CSV of the data (all for no cost!)

Lockdown on Litter

Litterati represents a true community solution to help with litter abatement & accurate data capture on your city’s litter. 

Use REP to Scale Your City's Data Collection Through Resident Engagement

Empower your residents to make a difference and contribute to the community.

Use MAP to Get Highly Accurate & Useful Data on Litter Abatement

Next level Performance Management of your programs, contractors, BIDs, and litter abatement campaigns.

A Crowdsource Driven Solution

Harness the power of your residents combined with a simple tool that collects powerful data. Transform your city’s litter situation with litter data!