Your Sustainable Employee Engagement Program

Bring your employees closer together & create an environmental impact.

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Litterati Corporate Partners

Learn how Dockers engaged & mobilized their global workforce to clean over 25,000 pieces of litter

Read more of their Story of Impact here 

Virtually Connect Your Teams & Track Your Company’s Impact

Empower your employees to work together to:

  • Help keep the communities they live in clean
  • Contribute data that will help clean up the world

As a Litterati Admin for your company, use your Company Dashboard to visualize and easily share the total impact made by your organization.

Work Together in Friendly Competition That Helps To Clean The Planet.

Run competitions between offices, departments & countries engaging all your employees worldwide.

Simplicity & speed

Anytime you want, local, national, or global HR managers can create a new challenges with a handful of taps in the app. It’s easy to edit, add, or extend campaigns & we have a dedicated support team available to help whenever needed.

An Authentic and Measurable CSR Program

Collaborate to reach a company wide impact goal and inspire your employees towards more sustainable practices.

Read More About Companies All Around The Globe Who Used Litterati to Run A Campaign That Actually Engaged Their Employees

Lockdown on Litter

Use a true community solution to help with litter abatement and capturing data on your city’s litter.

Scalable Data Platform

As more data is collected & more time passes, you will find the data becoming more powerful to illuminate key opportunities, solutions, and optimizations.

Support Your Workforce Development Programs

Opportunity to work with tech, data, and support the city all at the same time. Litterati has resources to help onboard, train, and manage execution with whomever is performing the work.

All The Support You Need

For all size goals, available staff, or budget; Litterati has quality success & support resources to help you.

The City MAP

All Accounts Require A Demo to Ensure Litterati Is A Good Fit For Your City
Platform Access
(No Custom Support)


Use the MAP Platform to Collect & Analyze Litter Data via Litterati for 1 Year

Admin Access to Your City’s Data Dashboard

Establish Your City’s Litter Baseline On 60 Locations Throughout the Municipality your city’s litter baseline (includes Litterati Researchers  & Licenses to fit your needs)

DIY Success Resources PLUS Standard Support

Platform Access
+ MAP Success Support Package


Variable Scope & Support To Meet Your Goals

Negotiable Contract Length to Fit Your Ideal Timeline & Budget

Access to MAP Platform & Data Dashboard

Expert Resources to Help Execute & Ensure Campaign Success

Increased Number of Locations To Capture More of the Data Your City Wants

DIY Success Resources PLUS Dedicated Support PLUS Training for Researchers & Volunteers

 See if The Municipal Assessment Platform is a Good Fit For Your City:

Ways to Use The MAP Platform

Gather High Quality Litter Data:
  • Segmented By Location
  • Segmented by Date & Time
  • Data Tagged by Dedicated Researchers
See Opportunities for Improvement:
  • Help see where performance can improve amongst departments, workers, BIDs, contractors, + more
  • See where public campaigns are having success in litter abatement
Measure Performance & KPIs:
  • Establish current baseline you can fully trust due to collection process
  • Benchmark against that baseline quarter over quarter (or year over year) & drive a measurable impact

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer different length agreements?

Yes, we can create a campaign that fits your needs precisely in terms of length, scope, & reach.

Do you have a setup cost?

There is no setup cost. The quoted price for your desired scope of campaign(s) is what you pay. Unless and until you desire a greater scope, there won’t be any further fees or charges.

How much support do you provide?

We have dedicated support staff for technical & general support. We respond to all requests within 2 – 3 business days & have live chat available during business hours in the USA.

Do you offer a free trial?

Currently we do not have a free trial for an Employee Engagement campaign.

However we can give you a live demo of the platform to show you what your Company Dashboard will look like once your campaign is up & running.

The Municipal Assessment Platform:


(1) Drive Data Proven, Measurable Growth in Your Major Litter Related KPIs 


(2) Establish Your Litter Baseline & Discover Solutions To Improve It

(3) Inspire greater civic engagement amongst your residents to collect valuable data or give your workforce development programs the litter collection & analysis work; offering tech + data experience that also supports the city as whole.


(4) Better understand the operational challenges amongst your workers, BIDs, contractors, and organizations that, if solved, would make a major positive impact. 

Ready to Bring The MAP to Your City?