Berry Global Group Activates Employees From All Over The World To Pick Up Over 400,000 Pieces of Litter

by | November 26, 2020

In 2020, Berry Global Group ran a two week campaign company wide to:

(a) Set a vision for how the company will operate more sustainably

(b) Share resources, knowledge, & training with employees to help them optimize in their job role (and in their life) to behave more sustainably. 

(c) Invite employees of their facilities & offices all over the Earth into a friendly competition to help clean up the planet.

And while some amazing knowledge & ideas were shared on the series of virtual team calls and training sessions….

….a large percentage of employees were happy to have an active & outdoor way to engage, while still being able to social distance.

Of the over 8,000 Berry Global Group employees worldwide:

Almost a quarter of them joined the “oneBerry onePlanet” challenge.

And not only did they sign up for this eco-friendly employee engagement campaign, they took action.

The collaborative cleanup competition began on World Cleanup Day and lasted for two weeks.

Of the 1,944 Berry Global employees who joined the challenge, they on average picked up 206 pieces each. The individuals at the top of the leaderboard picked up thousands of pieces each!

Employees at all levels had an opportunity to take action towards a shared mission to be better stewards & citizens of the Earth.

Hear below from a Berry employee on her family’s experience with the company’s Litterati Challenge.

We loved that it inspired her family to spend more time with the people they love, helping to take care of the neighborhood they call home:

In total, 400,852 pieces got picked up by Berry employees as part of the campaign. That total was more than 4x higher than their initial goal!

The result is a testament to the excitement company-wide as employees were engaged for the entire campaign.

Tom Salmon, company Chairman and CEO, noted the passion displayed by employees all over the Earth:

“I extend sincere appreciation to our Berry team members around the globe for their ongoing dedication to volunteerism & to help further beautify their local communities.”

We loved working with the admins from the Berry team to help them bring this employee engagement campaign to their offices all over the globe.

We’re already discussing the next campaign & working on ways to make the app into an even better tool for engaging teams both big and small.

In fact, Berry employees have already been inspired by the impact that they’ve taken it upon themselves to organize locally & spread the movement further:

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