Dockers® Employee Engagement Program Leads to 23,000+ Pieces of Litter Picked Up In 1 Month

by | July 07, 2020

Few brands embrace the idea of “Always On” like Dockers®, the iconic Levi Strauss and Co brand that pioneered the office casual look for men around the world.


In 2019, they recognized Litterati Founder Jeff Kirschner as a Dockers Challenger as part of their campaign highlighting innovators making substantive changes in their communities.

But they didn’t stop with just telling a story. They got the entire company involved & empowered them to make an impact in their community as well.

“Innovation has always been a huge part of the Dockers® brand,” said Lauren Johnson, Senior Director of Dockers® Global Marketing.

Dockers recognizes how important it is to support those who challenge the status quo.

That’s why the brand launched an employee engagement program with Litterati – a competition motivating employees to create an impact in their local community.

In just one month, employees from 15 office locations picked up over 23,000 pieces of litter all over the globe.

Measuring the impact of corporate social responsibility efforts can often be difficult.

Litterati makes it easy to measure, map, & visualize the results of your eco-friendly employee engagement campaign. Book a campaign demo here.


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